At last, Get rid of Lower Back Pain with Electrotherapy Treatment Once and for all

Do you know that not all back pain treatments work for everyone? Some may find relief from the use of ice massage therapy, heat therapy or use of painkillers while others may not. If these methods do not work for your back pain, have you ever tried to use electrotherapy treatment for your back pain? You may never know, it might work on you. Electrotherapy treatment helps relieve back pain or discomfort for only a short period.

How Electrotherapy Treatment for Back Pain Works

Electrotherapy treatment works by applying electric current to the affected area. To effectively do this, you need to use a battery powered device to supply the electric current. The device has wires that are connected to the sticky adhesive electrode pads. The pads are then placed on the patient’s skin, and the device turned on to supply the electric current. Electrotherapy treatment uses mild electric current. Doctors use electrotherapy to;

  •    Relieve pain
  •    Improve blood circulation
  •    Repair worn out tissues
  •    Strengthen muscles
  •    Promote the growth of bones
  •    Improve physical functioning of the body
  •    Manage chronic pain

Electrotherapy helps reduce pain by blocking pain transmissions in the nerves to the brain. Research shows that it promotes the release of endorphins – hormone released by the body that acts as a natural pain killer.

Numerous devices are specialized for this kind of therapy. The most popular and common in the market is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation units – TENS. Also, there are electrotherapy devices that are worn inconspicuously under the garments and work perfectly. Just as the other units, they are powered by a battery that is connected by wires to the electrodes. The patient regulates the level of stimulation by using a hand held controller.

When to use Electrotherapy Treatment on Back Pain

Many doctors recommend use of electrotherapy together with other treatments. Patients that have enrolled in a physical therapy treatment find it convenient to combine the two treatment plans. Electrotherapy treatment helps the patient to reduce pain, making them more involved and active during their physical therapy treatment.

Electrotherapy treatment has become popular in the United States today since it works perfectly in relieving pain and also it is the better alternative to using medication that has numerous side effects.

Initially, electrotherapy was used to treat depression and anxiety, but its uses have grown with time. Today it used to address chronic pain and also treat patients suffering from chronic fatigue. Also, electrotherapy is effective in treating;

  •    Nerve pain caused by diabetes
  •    Migraine headache
  •    It promotes wound healing
  •    Fibromyalgia

Side Effects of Using Electrotherapy treatment for Back Pain

There are no major side effects encountered when using the electrotherapy treatment. Skin rash or irritation is experienced on the area the sticky pad attaches to the body. Take caution not to overuse the treatment method for an extended period since it will irritate your skin more. Follow the directions of use keenly to avoid problems that might arise.

Also, never apply the treatment method on areas with broken skin on skin infection. It is dangerous to place the pads over the heart since it can lead to cardiac arrhythmia. Never at any given opportunity should electrotherapy be used on pregnant women. This can result in fetal damage. In fact, any patient with a pacemaker or pregnant women should keep off from electrotherapy treatment. Never use electrotherapy on the neck since it can cause low blood pressure.

Benefits of Using Electrotherapy Treatment Therapy

Hundreds of people around the world have chosen to use electrotherapy to manage chronic and acute pain. There are many benefits of using electrotherapy treatment to relieve or as an alternative pain management system. Everyday research shows that use of electrotherapy helps to avoid over dependency to medicine. Here are a few benefits of using electrotherapy to manage back pain.

Fast Pain Relief

Electrotherapy works to relieve pain caused by a variety of causes and brings about relief after a few minutes of application. Electrotherapy sessions should last for not more than 30 minutes. Even better, the effects of using this treatment therapy can last for several days and even months.

Targets all the areas with Pain

Unlike the use of drugs, electrotherapy is used on area with pain. For example, if the pain is on the lower back, patients stick the pads on the exact pain points then electric current is supplied to the area. This means that the patient gets pain relief without affecting the body functioning like having constipation, dizziness nausea or vomiting.

Non-Toxic and Non Dependency

electrotherapy non toxic treatment

Electrotherapy is the safest method of treatment that promotes the body’s healing process and also regulates how pain signals are sent by the nerves to the brain. It is a good example of an alternative to natural treatment since there is no administration of medicine or toxins. If you feel that you are becoming more dependent on pain killers, this is the best treatment to use to regulate the levels of pain.

Promote Healing Process

If you want to jumpstart your body’s natural healing process, electrotherapy is the way to go. In case you have an injury, or you are recovering from post surgical procedure electrotherapy can help you heal fast with minimal pain. Living with no pain helps your body to concentrate more on the healing process.

Addresses a Wide Range of Pain

Electrotherapy devices like TENS, addresses any pain ranging from chronic pain to acute pain. This treatment method to treats back pain, shoulder pain, pain from surgical procedures or pain caused by a disease The treatment method does not limit any ailment or pain, it works on pain regardless the cause.

Whether you are treating acute of chronic pain, electrotherapy has proved to be the best with minimum side effects and dependency level. You need not worry about the electric units since they are readily available and affordable. Don’t let pain torture you especially for chronic pain sufferers.  Try out an electrotherapy treatment method and realize the benefits.


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