Back pain Medication to Relieve Back and Neck Pain


There are numerous non-prescription and prescription drugs that help to relieve acute and chronic back pain. They help reduce and make episodes of pain. When using these medications, you should exercise caution since over using back pain medication could lead to over dependence.

Chronic back pain is the main cause of depression, insomnia, and fear of exercising which leads to prolonged pain. Back pain medications are classified or grouped into three categories: Oral, tropical and injections.

Oral Medication. Oral pain medications are administered by mouth and are either in pill or liquid form. They all work uniquely to help relieve back pain. The worst part is they have side effects to the human body, and they affect different people differently.
Topical pain medication. These medications are applied to the skin to relieve pain that is localized. For example pain from a strained muscle or arthritic joint. You can comfortably get these medications from your local drug store without any prescription.
Injections. Pain medication can also be injected directly to the source of pain to help relieve the pain.
In this article, we will study the different types of pain medication to help relieve lower back pain and neck Pain.


Categories of Pain Medication

Different categories of pain medication range from non prescription back pain medication, prescription back pain medication, oral steroids to anti – seizure medication ( neuroleptic drugs).

Nonprescription Back Pain Medication

In the market today, there are many types of nonprescription back medication. The two common nonprescription medicines are acetaminophen and non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs. Patients with severe back pain are recommended to take acetaminophen and later take a dose of ibuprofen on a repeated schedule.

Prescription Back Pain Medication

When you visit the hospital, your doctor can also prescribe medication like narcotic pain medication or muscle relaxants to help reduce the pain. Also, the doctor might find it necessary to prescribe antidepressants or anti- seizure medication to help alleviate pain and other related problems.

There are many risks involved in taking and side effects that are involved in drug interaction. Therefore, you should consult qualified medical professions before taking the medication. Caution should be exercised by patients taking other medication like diabetes and hypertension medication before taking these drugs. Make sure to discuss your health status with your doctor and give them clear and detailed information about your medical history.

Always make sure to discuss the side effects and risks of taking these drugs with your doctor before taking them. Take an initiative to read the drug labels to clearly understand how to use the medicine and side effects beforehand.

Oral Steroids

Oral steroids are powerful anti-inflammatory back pain medication used to treat lower back pain. They should be used for a short period that is about one or two weeks. Initially, patients are given high doses of oral steroid and after 5- 6 days the dose is reduced as the patients get relief. When patients take oral steroids for a short period they experience limited side effects. However, there are numerous side effects associated with long term use of oral steroids such as weight gain, osteoporosis, collapsing of the hip joint and stomach ulcers.

Patients with a history of diabetes should keep off from oral steroids since they increase the blood sugar levels after use. Also, patients with any kind of infection like sinus and urinary tract infection should keep off these drugs since they make the infections worse.

Anti seizure medications

Anti seizure drugs are prescribed to patients with pain caused by an irritated or compressed nerve for example Sciatica pain. Also, these drugs are used by patients who have persistent leg pain after surgery.

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Anti seizure drugs have no adverse side effects after prolonged use and are not addictive. Good examples of anti seizure medication are gabapentin and can be taken up to three times a day. Patients may experience mild side effects of fatigue, dizziness and nausea.

Never by any chance prescribe drugs for your back problem. You might be treating the wrong ailment or using the wrong drugs. Visit a qualified doctor to diagnose your condition and treat it accordingly.

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