Top Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the leading cause of disuse syndrome and empty desks at the place of work today. An estimate of about 80% of the population experience back pain at some point in their life. Most people patients recover from lower back pains, but some cases require specialized treatment. Lower back pains that do not go away can be frustrating and be the main reason for fear to participate in physical activities. Aquatic therapy is an example of physical activity that can be of great help for your back pains.

Aquatic therapy is the best since it helps strengthen muscles by use of water properties. When the body is immersed in water, the hydrostatic pressure exerts pressure on the body which helps relieve swelling thus decreasing pain.
Water has another property known as buoyancy that helps rehabilitate patients with chronic back pain. Buoyancy can be defined as the force that is exerted by water, and it is opposite to the force of gravity. This property supports body weight when submerged in water. This helps patients to exercise with no pain on joints and spinal cord.

The resistant property in water helps in strengthening of muscles. When you are exercising in water, you experience counter force movements that help you to work your muscles more.

Research has proved that aquatic therapy has great benefits to chronic back pain. It has proved that the use of muscles in water is less than when exercising on land. On the land, the muscles work on supporting the body weight which is the opposite when exercises are conducted in water. The decreased activation of muscles in water helps the muscles to work more with less pain.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy For Your Lower Back



As much as water therapy is beneficial to your lower back, it may not work for everyone. If you have any infection, fever or a wound – (from a surgical procedure), the chemicals in the pool water can make it worse for your situation. Make sure to talk to your doctor before embarking on any aquatic therapy.

Here are ways that aquatic therapy can help you reduce back pain.

Decreased load bearing

As we have seen, water has a unique property of buoyancy that helps support body weight as you are exercising. This decreases the pressure exerted on your back. If you are dealing with spinal disc issues or you are trying to get up on your feet after surgery, aquatic therapy takes off the gravity pressure from your spine. Patients can, therefore, exercise more without concentrating on the pain.

Increased Mobility

With the help of water buoyancy, you can comfortably twist and perform any kind of exercise that is almost impossible on land. Increased mobility is what makes aquatic therapy the best for chronic pain patients.

Natural resistance

Water is almost 600 times more resistant than air thus making it the best place to do your work outs. When you work out on land, you will not experience any resistance, and thus you will not work out your spinal muscles hard. The opposite happens if you choose to work out in the water. Patients who work out in water have their spinal muscles strengthened with no time.

Lack of Minor Accidents

Patients with chronic spinal conditions have issues with their balance. Most of the time, patients experience sudden sharp pain on their back that sends them straight to the ground. Falling may lead to fracture or increased back injury. However, doing your workouts in the water balance and falling is never an issue. Working out in water will not only improve your balance but also strengthen your muscles.

Decreased Back Pain

Patients with chronic back pains are recommended to do aquatic therapy. Most patients suffering from chronic pains are in fear of experiencing more pain. It is the reason why most of them end up suffering from disuse syndrome. The feel of water on your muscles and joints is soothing that makes patients enjoy working out.

If you have an issue with your spine, consider suggesting aquatic therapy to your doctor. Trust me; this will help you with all your back problems.

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