Can you Cure Back pain while at Home?Home Back Pain Remedies

Did you know that there are home back remedies for your aching back? If you did not know this, let us walk together through this article and at least have sone knowledge on ways you could treat your back pain right at the comfort of your home. This pain is the felt on the back side of an individual caused by various factors such as physical strain to the body or old age.

Back pain is common among the elderly, middle aged and there is some case but a few among the young people. We should all agree that we should get back pain remedies due to its common occurrence.



The sharp pain can make it difficult to carry on with day to day activities as usual. Some symptoms are limited or difficulty in sleeping, a low flexibility of the spine among others. Taking painkillers for back pain is only a cover up to the problem am may escalate in the future. They are safe and appropriate back pain remedies that can be used at home.


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Stretching is a simple way of relieving back pain. It helps loosen tensed muscles and strengthen the weak ones. Some stretches can tear the muscles when done incorrectly and can cause more harm than good. Talk to a professional and get advice on the safe stretches and work on all the muscles required. Stretching regularly can ease the pain quickly and more efficiently. It should be executed with ease and should not cause more pain to the back so a stretch causing pain should be abandoned. Here are ways in which you could help reduce back pain at home.

Applying Ice


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Applying ice on the affected area works well as it temporarily blocks the pain signals and reduces swelling. When starting the treatment, apply ice on the back for a few minutes after a long day at work or after an exercise.

Perfect Posture

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Every day a lot of people are subjected to long hours of sitting at work, in cars moving from one point to another or at school in long lectures. Extended periods of time spent sitting down may prove to be harmful to your back. Using the correct and recommended posture while sitting, having all the bones in the spine aligned well minimizes the risk and damage. Use a posture that causes the least stress to your back when lifting heavy loads. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt a good posture all the time regardless if you are sitting, standing or sleeping.


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Massage therapy for the back is one of the most common back pain remedies and is highly recommended. The message therapy can get rid of chronic back pain according to different studies and research. Back massage is safe and not addictive compared to most pills prescribed by doctors.Back massage is simple to execute from home with the help of a partner, and the results are quite noticeable.

Massage helps reduce pain caused by poor posture and skeletal issues. Recent research shows that regular back massage helps minimize the production of stress hormones and cortisol hormone that are linked to pain. Benefits of back massage are;


Relieve lower back pain– a good back massage helps you relax the muscles and release some of the tension.

Improve your sleep -relaxed muscles means a relaxed body so you can fall into deep sleep and also maintain it through the night.

Promotes production of endorphin hormone – endorphin hormone has earned itself a nickname as a feel-good hormone because it helps your body feel more relaxed and less tensed. This hormone is good for chronic pain as the pain causes depression and anxiety.

  • Increase blood circulation -massage reduces soreness to the back muscles, which leads to increased motion and enhances the blood flow to your back. This provides the organs with rich nutrients and oxygen.

Rubs and Ointments.

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Ointments and rubs are very common, and you can get them from the stores. Caution when buying the rubs or ointment as some may cause skin irritation, have an irritating smell, difficulty when rubbing them on and they vary from one person to another. If not sure which one suits you get advice from a professional and get the rubs or ointment that suits you best.

Natural Herbs

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The best and most healthy way to treat your back pain is by use of natural herbs. Various common natural herbs are used as back pain home remedies, and they include;

  • Ginger-the anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger roots help in relieving backache. Ginger is very common and can easily be found on the market.
  • Basil leaves – boil the basil leaves for some time. Drinking the concussion from the boiled basil leaves help with both mild and serve back pain.
  • Garlic – Garlic is commonly used in many kitchens as it adds flavor to food. It is also very helpful for a backache. Taking two cloves of garlic daily on an empty stomach may prove to be a significant remedy to back ache.
  • Wheat – it has a compound that produces an analgesic effect that minimizes pain. Soak a handful of wheat overnight, in the morning mix it with coriander, cuscus grass powder and add milk. Drink this on a daily basis.
  • Herbal oil – massaging, your back with herbal oil, can help treat a backache. Heat the oil until warm and massage the aching area gently.


Adopt a Healthy Diet

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Diet can play a vital role in back pain prevention. Maintaining a healthy body weight plays a major part in reducing the chances of having a back pain.

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and take calcium supplements to relieve your back. Plant based diets and food rich in omega 3 are good if you want to avoid inflammation. Deep-colored fruits and vegetables are an essential part of an anti-inflammatory diet according to research.

Over the Counter Medicine

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In some cases, back pain can reduce by 50% when treated with painkillers. Caution as these drugs side effects in the long run when taken on a regular basis.

Good Sleeping Positions

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Doctors do not recommend sleeping on your back since it helps your muscles relax more. Sleeping on your back can be harmful to your back, but by placing a pillow on your abdomen, it lowers the risk. The best sleeping position is sleeping on your side. This position does not exert pressure on your back and also enhance circulation of blood.


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Yoga has proven to be a beneficial way of dealing with back pain. Taking yoga not only benefits your back but also strengthens other body muscles and make them flexible.

Above are back pain remedies only reduce the frequency and severity of the pain. When the back pain is severe, and doesn’t go away after a few days or hurts when you are resting. It is recommended to visit a doctor to ensure the back pain is not a symptom of a more serious health condition.


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