Degenerative disc disease: A monster That Causes Unbearable back Pain


Degenerative disc disease is a common back pain cause. Many patients with this diagnosis are left to wonder if the disease could cause permanent damage. The degenerative disc isn’t really a disease but rather a term used to describe the changes in your spinal disc. Spinal discs are soft and spongy discs that separate the vertebrae that make up the spine.

The discs act as shock absorbers making it possible for the spine to bend, flex, or twist. The disease commonly occurs in the lumbar region (lower back) and the cervical region (the neck) but can also take place throughout the spine. This disease is commonly associated with aging, as you age, just like other joints your spine degenerates. This is a natural part of growing old as your body deals with years of strain, overuse, and also misuse. This doesn’t mean that young people are off the hook, because some may inherit a prematurely aging spine.



Diagnosis of Degenerative Disc Disease

The disease is diagnosed by the doctor studying your medical history and your physical exam. The doctor will inquire about your symptoms, injuries, previous treatment, habits, and activities causing pain in your back.
The physical exams involve the doctor;

  • Checking the affected areas, your motion and the back pain resulting from the movement.
  • Looking for the field with nerve-related changes such as tingling, weakness, numbness, and reflex changes.
  • Checking for other chronic conditions such as abnormal tissue growth, fracture, tumors or infections. In some cases, a scan is needed to get the actual details of the situation.


Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Diseases

Several symptoms are common for people with lower back and neck pain due to the degenerating of the spinal discs. Depending on where the degenerative disc is located on your spine, the pain may spread to your legs and hand. You might also experience tingly or numbness in your hand or legs.To fully grasp about this disease, we need to comprehend the signs and symptoms.

  • The pain is usually related to activities of the individual and may become serve at times, later turn to mild levels or goes away entirely.
  • The amount of chronic pain is different from one patient to the other. Some patients will experience zero to just nagging levels of pain, while others it will be server and unbearable.
  • The amount of chronic pain is different from one patient to the other. Some patients will experience zero to just nagging levels of pain, while others it will be server and unbearable.
  • A patient will experience episodes of pain for days and will go away, but will return if left untreated. Activities involving bending, pushing, pushing and twisting will worsen the pain.
  • Certain postures make the pain intensify, for instance with lumbar back pain is made worse when you are sitting, Since in this position the lumbar discs are loaded two times than when you are standing. Walking, running and stretching makes you feel better than resting.

To clearly understand how this disease affects your spine, we have to look at the different causes.


Causes of Disc Degeneration

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Degeneration of the disc puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, leading to back pain or affecting the nerves functions. The following are causes of disc degeneration;

Discs are Becoming Thin with Age

Discs act as shock absorbers of the spine and may become thinner and less spongy due to aging and other factors. Slim discs mean that spaces between, above and below the vertebrae become small causing other problems.


Genres can play a huge part in some patients developing degenerative disc disease. Your discs may be disposed excessively to wear and tear. If a close relative had a history of this illness, you are more likely to develop back and neck pain.

Lifestyle and Unhealthy

Dieting.Your lifestyle and dieting plays a vital role in the building or destroying of the body. If you are a chain smoker, deviate from this habit, as it not only affects your spine but also destroys vital organs in your body. Studies show that that smoking impairs the vascular structure of your spinal discs and joints. It also decreases the amount of water in your discs causing them to wear out fast. Water plays a part in your disc’s movement. Little water supply in your body affects the functions of other organs.

Taking Foods that Cause High Inflammation

Inflammation is a way of your body fighting foreign substances and infections. A lot of people love eating food high in saturated fats, simple sugars, and sugary drinks, right? These foods are bad news as the cause inflammation. Inflammation runs rampant and if left unchecked can cause serious problems like arthritis, disc degeneration, and chronic lumbar pains.

Poor Hydration

Are you taking the recommended amount of water in a day? If not you need to get started immediately. 60% to 70% of our body is made up of water, so it’s important to keep your body properly hydrated. The fluid loss makes the discs less flexible and as a result disc degeneration occurs.


Treatment of Degenerative Back Disease

Fortunately, there are strategies and steps we can take in preventing or treating disc degeneration. Let’s take a look the treatments;

  • Regular Exercise.Exercise such as stretching and yoga strengthen the back muscles and leaves you with a healthy spine. Visit a physical fitness expert and indulge yourself in proper spinal exercises. Exercise should be executed with ease and shouldn’t cause pain and those causing a lot of pain should be abandoned.
  • Adopting a Health Diet.When you are committed to exercising but your diet is poor you aren’t helping yourself. Maintaining a healthy diet is important in the process of treating this disease. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and take calcium supplements (strengthens bones) to relieve your back.
  • Medication. If your condition is not responding to other treatments there are multiple medications to help you address this issue. Visit a doctor and get advice on which medication to use. Medications commonly used to treat this illness are, anti-inflammatory drugs, acetaminophen or muscle relaxants.
  • Surgery.most people with this condition fear surgery, but if you have tried all the other treatments with no improvement recorded you need a spine surgery. Visit a specialty and get advice on the process and its side effects
  • There is no valid excuse for not taking care of our bodies. Back pain causes depression and stress, this a more reason to intensify the fight against degenerative disc disease.

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