Manage Back Pain: Effective ways on how to Manage Back Pain


Back pain can be excruciating to levels that may deter you from carrying out your daily activities. It is thus imperative to avoid activities that may be a cause to back pain. However, most of the daily activities that we carry out are a direct cause of such pains. In this case, you are left with no choice but to manage back pain since it is difficult to avoid. Again, it is one of the commonest reasons for sick days not only at work but among students at school.  This may render employees unproductive or students non-performers.

There is a long list of causes for back pain ranging from a bulging disc to a muscle strain or even muscle irregularities. Arthritis is also a major cause of back pain that has to be taken into account. Most of the time, back pain can be taken care of naturally. However, in extreme cases, there is often the need for a serious medical attention. Check out how to handle chronic back pain in the piece that follows.

Understanding Back Pain

If treating or even controlling back pain is anything to go by you must understand the underlying details of the pain in the first place. In essence, know what the symptoms of the condition are so as to ensure you are treating the right condition and not a condition that is disguised as back pain. Back pain can be in the form of a constant ache or a sudden piercing pain. You should also appreciate that most back pains are mechanical. This means that the facet joints in the spine, the muscle, as well as the vertebrae and nerves are not functioning as a package anymore.

Get to know the risk factors tied to back pain. Back pain can be experienced by both men and women. However, there exist certain risk factors that expose you more to the condition. Some of these factors include age, the level of physical fitness, family history, pregnancy, preexisting health conditions like depression and stress, desk jobs, and occupation.

In as much as you can work on alleviating the pain without the involvement of a doctor, it is imperative to know when you should seek medical advice. Chronic back pain is usually accompanied by stress and depression. These two conditions, often work to worsen the condition of the back. If you notice any of the following symptoms, then it is an indicator that you should visit the doctor.

How to Treat Back Pain Without Drugs

Consider hiring a Chiropractor

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One of the most efficient ways to alleviate muscle pain is by considering a chiropractor. This is a simple medical practitioner who majors in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. These are the conditions that are associated by the backside include the neck and various joints appearing in the posterior part of the skeleton. The specialist will be able to point out areas that need attention and after that working on them with the aptitude of a specialist. You will not feel pain during this entire process. Besides, acupuncture is another procedure that you may consider when you have back pain.

The procedure entails placing thin needles at certain joints on the body. It is perceived to have control over energy currents on the body of a human being. There is plenty of evidence that point to the good side of this procedure and so has always been advised by medical professionals for the treatment of lower back pain.

The good thing about acupuncture is that it has minimal risks. Probably the most notable one is soreness at the region where the needle enters the body. The risk of infections is extremely low since the specialist use needles that are single-use and sterile. However, if you have certain conditions like a bleeding disorder, then you have to bring it to the knowledge of the acupuncturist so that they would proceed with caution like they know best.

Embrace Back Pain Massage Therapy

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Massage is priceless, not only because it is therapeutic but because it awakens the inner being and brings about self-awareness similar to what yoga does to the body. A caution, however, is that you must not try to give yourself a massage as it will not have the same effects as if someone carried it on you. Besides, it is probable that you may give yourself further injuries should you opt for the same. Massage is usually done by a therapist who knows whichever amounts of pressure to use on various areas.

The therapists exert pressure on your back that signals your nerves to relax. Myriad research and studies have pointed to therapeutic nature of massage ranging from its affectivity in reducing back pain to boosting flexibility of the general body.

Physical Therapy in Reducing Back Pain

Physical therapy is also a good option. It will significantly increase your motion while at the same time reducing the pain on the back. The professional trainer will give you various exercises that target certain regions so that your back is strengthened. They may also give you important tips for fighting back pain.

The good thing about physical therapy is that it works without the agony of medication or surgery a factor that makes t cheap and available for all.
Stretching your back every so often is another invaluable tip to fighting back pain.

Before you stretch, you have to make sure you are in comfortable clothing that will allow movement of the limbs and the general body. This will work to enhance your movement and put more focus on the stretch. It is advisable that before you decide to take up stretching as a daily routine, you discuss with your doctor so that they can give you a go ahead if it is okay with your health.

During the activity, there is need to go step by step to achieve consistency and to ensure all the muscles are engaged. Stat with the upper back then proceeds to the lower back. In doing this, you will need to lay on your back and bring the knees close to your chest as you bend your head towards the knee. Be in this position for about ten seconds before proceeding to the next. Make repeats until you notice the tension subsiding. Being gentle is critical throughout the process as unnecessary pressure can only work to worsen the already bad situation.

Using standard methods to treat back pain

Use Hot or Cold Pack

There exist myriad forms of standard treatment for back pain that are medically advised. Using a hot or cold pack is one of them. Although there is a need for extensive research on its affectivity, using hot and cold packs has shown to be effectual in alleviating pains associated with the back. For acute pain, the best bet is a cold pack while chronic pain calls for a hot pack for its alleviation.

Get a Short Term Bed Rest

Getting a short-term bed rest is also a good option when things are getting harder for you. What this means is that you should lie on the bed for a short time before taking up a few exercises.After doing that, you can go to work or school. It is imperative to note that taking too much bed rest only works to worsen the situation rather than alleviating it. The same can also cause decreased muscle tone and depression.

As well, you can use pain medications to ensure the pain goes away. Many over-the-counter drugs work magic in alleviating back pain. Most of them are readily available in your local chemist. However, get advice from the doctor on which of them is the best for your condition. For mild cases, non-steroidal drugs like ibuprofen will work the magic. In severe condition, however, the best bet is the opioids, as you will learn from your doctor. The opioids are not to be used for a long time, as they are addictive.

Non-steroidal inflammatory drugs, on the other hand, can lead to stomach upset when used for a long time. You should also be careful about that too. Even more importantly, before you consider any drug, check for its interaction with other drugs.

Opt for Surgery

In extreme cases when you have tried all the above steps and failed, you may want to consider surgery. In essence, it is the last resort to an aching back pain. Sadly, not all surgeries are usually successful. Some may involve a significantly long recovery process compared to others. Some can even lead to permanent disability. Most minimal invasive surgeries, however, are efficient in correcting problems associated with the back.

Concisely, back pain can be disorganizing concerning when you have to deal with schooling or work at the same time. Therefore, you have to know the symptoms of the condition if you want to treat it. While some are mild, others can be excruciating. As aforementioned, treating back pain can occur in a plethora of methods and levels. Most of the time you can do the treatment alone while other times you may want to visit a professional. You must, therefore, be prudent enough to notice the thin line.

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