Get up and be Active! How Disuse Syndrome is Associated with Chronic Back Pain


Any person suffering from any kind of chronic pain like back pain, they are at a higher risk of developing disuse syndrome.

Disuse syndrome is a name used to describe the case caused by prolonged bed rest, immobility or the lack of physical activity by a patient suffering from chronic pain or other chronic illnesses. The disuse syndrome is associated with symptoms like muscle stiffening.

Effects of Disuse Syndrome

The state of inactivity causes our bodies to deteriorate and lose its functions. It acts just in the same way the body loses its functions due to old age. Therefore, if you don’t make your body active, you will lose it.

There are many consequences that are realized from the state of physical inactivity. It affects mostly the body systems like the muscles and skeletons, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and also the gastrointestinal stem. These are some of a few instances of how disuse syndrome can affect your body systems.

  • The disuse syndrome can cause muscle wasting in the skeletal muscle. This is evident in people who had a cast on their arm and legs for a long time. After removal, it is noticeable that the affected hand or leg has decreased diameter after being immobile for some time.
  • The state of inactivity also affects the cardiovascular system where the uptake of oxygen is reduced leading to sore muscles. Also, this state increases the risk of systolic blood pressure. Patients usually develop low blood plasma volumes which decrease by 15% due to the physical immobility.
  • The nervous systems also affected creating changes in the nervous system like slower mental processing, depression, poor concentration and also poor memory.

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Disuse Syndrome and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain brings about disuse syndrome that brings about physiological changes in a patient. The state of inactivity brings about the lack of wellness.  The state of disuse is not only physically but also mentally and psychologically. Studies show that disuse syndrome is the cause of continuous chronic pain.

Unfortunately, many medical treatments concentrate on managing the pain rather than the state of inactivity. They do not recommend any exercise plan to help eliminate the disuse syndrome. The state of being physically inactive is the main culprit of emotional changes that can lead to depression.

So, how do you Manage the State of Inactivity


If you are suffering from disuse syndrome, there is a way out of this. It can be difficult for people with chronic pain get active, but trying will never kill you.

Engaging in exercise is the best to avoid the syndrome. Exercise is good for the body and also mental health. It is vital to schedule some time to get involved in any kind of an exercise program.

In this article, we will look at how can manage a successful exercising routine.

Why is Exercise Important     


Before getting involved in any exercise program, you need to understand the benefits it has on your body in general. If by any chance you don’t understand the benefits of exercise to your body, you will definitely not want to try out. In case you have a kind of chronic illness, understanding the benefits of exercise to your body is vital. Exercise will not only help relieve pain but also depression.

After understanding the benefits of exercise to your boy, you need to know where you will it will occur. Will you be comfortable at the gym or just at home – this is you to decide. Many people prefer to have their exercises at the gym since there are few distractions. On the other hand, some patients may have no option but have their exercises at home due to factors such as transport cost or physical status.

It is vital to involve your doctor if you want to start an exercising program before starting since know better about your health status. They also know what is good and bad for your health You don’t want to start exercising, little to know you are doing more harm than good to your health status.

What exercises are good for your health? You should ask yourself this question before starting the program. You should choose an exercising routine that is suitable for your physical needs. The exercising routine should also be enjoyable and comfortable.

Getting Started with the Exercising Routine

Before starting your exercising program, ask yourself the below questions;

  • What exercising routines did I enjoy in the past?
  • How often should I exercise?
  • Do I really need an exercising partner to motivate me?
  • What will keep me going with the new plan?

Once you are have answered the above questions, you are set to go. Remember, making a decision to start an exercising plan is a self-call. Only you have the power to keep yourself going. Always exercise within your abilities and never strain yourself. Make sure to start slow, and increase the intensity of the exercise with time. You can start by visiting the gym without getting involved in any kind of exercise.

Another important aspect is to have an exercising schedule. Depending on your availability, you can choose a regular or part-time schedule.

Once you have made exercising routine a part of your life, concentrate on things that can bring success to your life. In the case of any failures, don’t get discouraged as this happens once in a while. Have a goal of getting yourself up and moving!

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