Home remedies to Ease Neck and Shoulder Pain


The human neck and shoulder has a number of muscles arteries, nerves, bones, and many ligaments all of which work as a complex network to support their proper function in the body. there exists a whole list of conditions that can cause pain in the neck and shoulder region. Although most of the pain you would experience around and neck and shoulder can be managed, some of them can be severe and life-threatening. The good news is that there exist remedies for the management of the pain. Read on to learn more

Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Before delving into how to manage neck and shoulder pain, it is imperative to appreciate what causes them in the first place. One of the most common causes of neck and shoulder pain is injury to the soft tissues which would include the muscles, ligaments as well as tendons within the structure of both parts of the body. Besides, degenerative arthritis of the spine in the neck region can also cause injuries to the nerves thereby causing neck pain and shoulder pain.

Furthermore, cervical spondylosis otherwise referred to as degenerative disc disease can also radiate pain from disc herniation again resulting in the pinching of the nerves. There are also many abnormal conditions also resulting into neck and shoulder pain.  Below are a few of the conditions

  • Heart attacks. Even though the problem is primarily in the heart, heart attack often leads to neck and shoulder pain. This pain is called referred pain
  • Bursitis. A bursa, by definition, is a sac located over the joints and which cushions the joints and muscles. Sometimes, due to injuries, can become swollen, stiff and painful.
  • Broken collarbone. You may break your collarbone when you fall on your outstretched arms and breaking your collarbone. This falling is usually very common with cyclers.
  • Broken shoulder blade. Forceful trauma is the leading cause of injury to the shoulder blade.


Signs and symptoms of Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain

Pain is the number one symptom of neck and shoulder pain. It can be described as dull, shock-like, cramp, burning or sharp. Pain, many times, can lead to a stiff neck as well as loss of range of motions headache may also result.

Weakness is another sign neck and shoulder pain. Severe pain from the movement of bones and muscles can cause severe weakness. Sometimes, even the nerves which supply these regions can get injured. It is worth noting the difference between inability to move your muscles due to pain or inflammation or true weakness which is often attributed to nerve damage.

Numbness too is a symptom of neck and shoulder pain. If the nerves are cut, bruised or pinched, you may find it difficult to feel things the way you would normally do. Often this leads to tingling or burning or even an altered sensation

Furthermore, you can experience coolness if you have neck and shoulder pain. A cool arm often suggests that the veins, arteries, have been traumatized or even blocked. As such, less blood is getting into the arm.

What are the home remedies for Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Home remedies can only work for minor injuries and that are slight. In the event that the cause of the pain is unknown. Besides, if the symptoms are serious and suggest that you may require the attention of a specialist it is critical to visit your doctor even as you continue initiating the basic care measures. Here are a few home remedies you may opt for

Rest. Do not put the injured area into use unless it is extremely necessary. You can then slowly start to train the injury area to adapt to its function. This works magic in speeding the recovery.

  • Ice. put the ice in a plastic bag and then wrap with a towel before putting on the injured area for about 15-20 minutes every hour. Do not apply the ice directly since it can damage your skin.
  • Elevation. If you want the swelling to go down, elevate the injured area above your heart. This also works magic in reducing pain. Pillows will also help you to prop yourself up.
  • Heat. During the first week of the pain, it is not wise to apply heat directly to the pain. This can only work to increase the swelling in the injured area as well as working the pain.

Even though you can handle your pain at home using local remedies, it is important to understand when to visit a doctor for special treatment. A comprehensive treatment will be administered after a complete history and physical examination has been done to you. Treatment options will vary depending on your condition.

Neck and shoulder pain should not be taken lightly. Whenever you feel pain take a hasty step to opt for the remedies. Visit a doctor the pain increases.

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