Does Massage therapy for Back Pain Help Relieve Pain?


If you don’t believe in the power of massage, then you must experience the benefits of it to believe it. Studies prove that if you consider having a massage therapy for back pain, it will help get rid of your chronic back pain. Individuals who are over the age of 45 years is likely to benefit from back massage. This does not mean anyone below the age of 45 years does not need the back massage. Massage is equally important to everyone even babies.

Research show that any back pain that lasts for more than three months is referred to as chronic pain. People who have been diagnosed with chronic back pain have significantly improved after one hour of back massage daily. Most of them have shown great improvement after six months of a regular back massage.

Back massage has become the best alternative for back pain which is safe, nonaddictive than most of the medicines prescribed by doctors. The results are noticeable with time, and patients confess to feeling much better after the massage sessions.

Back massage has become the best alternative for back pain which is safe, nonaddictive than most of the medicines prescribed by doctors. The results are noticeable with time, and patients confess to feeling much better after the massage sessions.

Today, doctors and orthopedic doctors have revised the clinical guidelines and recommended the use of massage, spine manipulation and also acupuncture as the first approach to back pain treatment. Back pain massage is affordable than other back treatment and goes for around $50 per one-hour session.

How Does Back Massage Work?

Have you ever visited the spar and experienced the soothing body massage? This is the same way it feels after a back massage from a specialist. Your muscles relax, and this makes relieve the pain.
Research also shows that regular back massage helps reduce the production of stress hormones cortisol and neurotransmitter hormone that are linked to pain. The massage helps reduce the pain caused by skeletal issues like disc degeneration and also back pain that is caused by poor posture.

There are different types of back massages, and this is the reason you need a back massage specialist to do this. The styles range from Swedish massage to deep tissue massage. The Swedish massage involves long on the back by use of the hands where the intensity of the strokes varies. Deep tissue massage involves a concentration of the kneading knots and trigger points in the back muscles and also connective tissues.

Deep tissue massage
Swedish massage

Therapist recommends deep tissue massage for chronic back problems but any back massages can that can reduce back pain can also be used.

How can you Find the Right Person for Your Back Massage?

Finding the right person to massage your back can be sometimes difficult. How do you know if you’re the therapist is the ideal person for the job? Here are things you should consider when looking for a long term back therapists.

  • Get referrals from the right sources such as your doctor, chiropractor or a friend who had problems with their back.
  •  You could consider asking your insurer for referrals that they cover.
  • Carry out research before considering hiring any back therapist. Make sure to check if they have a valid license and a valid operating permit.
  • A good therapist is the one you can comfortably communicate with. You are free to tell the therapist if the technique they are using if hurts you or it makes feel better. Being free with your therapist makes them the right spot on your back.
  • Make sure to visit the workplace of the therapist. A clean, quiet and comfortable environment translates to the professionalism of the therapist.
  • The therapists should be able and willing to create a workable treatment plan. During the treatment, you should adopt any changes that may occur due to your progress and agree to the follow-up plans arranged by your therapist.
  • A good therapist should not be a noise maker when delivering the service. Instead, both of you should concentrate on the healing process.

Benefits of Massage therapy for back pain


Many people take back massage as a luxury – Something you pay for that is not basic to your life but to make you happier. However, back massage has many benefits to your aching back. These include;

Relieve Lower Back Pain

A good back massage can help you reduce back pain. After a busy day working in the office or after having a tiresome day, a good back helps you relax the back muscles thus giving you relief. When the muscles are worked on by your therapist, they release some of the tension.

Relieves Muscles tension From Your Back

Immobility or excessive movement of back muscles can lead to back pains. A good back massage helps to relieve the tension on your upper and lower back pain.

Improves your Sleep

After a good massage, your larger muscles are relaxed, and the tension in these muscles becomes history. This relaxed feeling helps you fall into a deep sleep and also allows you to maintain a full sleep cycle that is essential for good health.

Increased Blood Circulation

A back massage helps reduce soreness on your back muscles that lead to increased motion. This incites and increases the blood flow to your back. The increased blood flow is rich in oxygen and nutrients that flow into the muscles and also organs.

Promotes the Production of ‘Feel good Hormone.’

Endorphin hormone is commonly known as ‘the feel good hormone’ and helps your body to feel good and more relaxed thus plays a major role in managing chronic pain. A good back massage from a professional therapist can help you manage your back pain and help reduce the intake of painkillers. The chronic back pain can lead to anxiety and depression that can now be well managed by a production of this wonderful hormone.

Promotes Healing Process

Patients who had a history of chronic back pain have shown great improvement after attending several sessions of back massage. The massage helps reduce tension on your back muscles and thus promoting back movement. According to specialists, a good and frequent back massage helps to get rid of stretch marks. Patients who have strained muscles in the lower or upper back may find relief and increased motion.

As simple as it looks, a back massage therapy for back pain can do wonders for your chronic back pain. You can decide to have a full body massage or an isolated massage – with regard to your back problem. Regardless whether you have a back problem or not, back massage is the best because of the numerous nerves that are located on the spine. Make arrangements to have at least three one-hour massage sessions a week if you do not have a severe back problem. For peoples with chronic back problems, a daily massage therapy for the back is recommended.

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