Sciatica Treatment: Is Sciatica back pain Treatable?

As much as sciatica pain can go away by itself, severe cases must be treated before they go out of hand over time. You can treat sciatica using nonsurgical sciatica treatment options that help reduce pain are readily available. Severe cases of sciatica pain do not reduce on its own, and in this case,  the patient requires a structured treatment option- surgery is the best option.

Nonsurgical sciatica treatment Options

Nonsurgical sciatica treatment options relieve pain and neurological symptoms caused by the pinched sciatic nerve. There is a broad range of sciatica treatment options that can help reduce pain. Therefore, your doctor can recommend one or more of the below nonsurgical treatments for your sciatica pain depending on the location and severity.

• Heat and ice treatment

Heat and ice treatment

Heat and ice treatment options are readily available and are usually recommended for patients with acute sciatica pain. This is the best treatment for the initial stage for sciatica pain. For patients suffering from sciatica, they are recommended to apply this treatment method for 20- 30 minutes repeatedly for every 3 hours. Patients are different in that; some feel relief when they use ice while others when they use heat. When applying ice, it is best to use a towel so to avoid ice burns that could occur due to direct contact to of ice and the skin.

• Pain Medication

pain medication for sciatica


Your doctor can prescribe medications that will help relieve pain. You can also opt to use over the counter pain medication too. Non steroidal- ibuprofen and oral steroidal medical can also help reduce inflammations that could be the main cause of pain. Your doctor can find it necessary to prescribe muscle relaxants and narcotic medications to help reduce pain.

• Epidural Steroid Injections

Epidural Steroid Injections

Epidural steroid injections work by reducing inflammations thus reducing pain. Unlike the oral medication, the medication is administered directly to the painful area around the irritated sciatic nerve. This treatment option is temporary, and it is used to reduce pain for one week to around nine months. Unluckily, this sciatica treatment option does not work for everyone, and it is most effective in relieving acute pain. This treatment is used by patients who want to reduce pain level and help them continue with exercise and conditioning programs.

Alternative Sciatica Treatment

There are other treatment options other than the medical sciatica treatment options that provide relief to sciatica patients. Below are other forms of sciatica treatments that you could consider for your sciatica pain.

  • Chiropractic treatment – manual manipulation. Qualified health professionals such as chiropractors or osteopathic experts offer spine manipulation services. They work by aligning the spine that helps address many spine disorders. Spine manipulation can bring about pain reduction and also a healthy healing environment.
    • Acupuncture. The USA food and drug administration (FDA) has approved the acupuncture back treatment method. It is highly recognized for relieving back pain problems including sciatica pain. This form of treatment works by placing thin hair needles into the skin near the point of pain. Therefore, this treatment method stimulates the central nervous system and thus helps reduce pain.
  • Massage therapy. Massage therapy has numerous benefits in relieving and managing back pain problems by increasing blood flow to the spine, back muscle relaxation and increase the release of endorphin hormone- body’s natural pain killer.
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The above methods are common sciatica treatment options that could help manage or even get rid of sciatica back pain. Feel free to try any method and get to know the one that works for you best.

Treatment Plan For Recurring Sciatica Pain

The good news with sciatica is that the pain goes away after a short time probably a few days or weeks. The longest period that sciatic pain can last is 6 – 12 weeks. In such a case, the patient should embrace physical therapy to help reduce the pain and also prevent the pain from continuing for an extended period.

Sciatica patients should, therefore, watch their sitting postures while at the office, practice safer lifting habits and also observe their lifestyle.

It is always advised to seek medical advice from a trained sciatica pain specialist. This can include a chiropractor, physical therapists, pain management specialist.

The Best Sciatica exercises and physical Therapy options

Physical therapy exercises that incorporate stretching, aerobic conditioning and strengthening of back muscles are best alternatives for sciatica treatment plan. Therefore, sciatica patients should engage in physical activities for a quick recovery. When they do this, rarely will they have recurrent episodes.

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