Text Neck: A Modern Spine Defect That Causes Neck Pain


Have you ever heard of a person suffering from text neck defect? If not, let me take you through exactly what text pain is. How many hours do you spend on your phone or on your tablet? If you sometimes feel some pain or discomfort on the back of your neck after spending a lot of time on the phone, this pain is what is referred to as text pain.  The neck pain comes from straining the neck muscles while looking down on your phone or tablet for an extended period of time.

Today, owning a smart phone has become easy and an ordinary behavior. What does this mean? About 80% of patients visiting the hospitals complain of upper back pain and neck pains. They complain of severe or acute pain upper back pain. These cases are mainly are caused by spending hours with your head bend down while operating the mobile phone or tablet.



It does not mean that this posture is only caused by operating a mobile phone of tablet for long. Neck pain can also be caused by reading and people who spend many hours in the office on their computers. Text pain is a major concern especially on the youth and growing children. With the latest mobile technology, they have made it a tendency to say on their electronic gadgets for long. This could cause a permanent damage to the cervical spine that could cause chronic pain.

Symptoms of Text Pain

Patients with text pain complain of neck pain and neck soreness. Looking down to your phone or tablet for a long time can cause;

  • Chronic upper back pain that can be nagging and sharp affecting the upper back muscles.

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  • Shoulder pain and shoulder tightness caused by a strain in the shoulder muscles.
  • Pain that radiates down to the arms caused by damage of the cervical nerve.

Is neck pain common? Studies show that people between age bracket of 18 and 44 years own a mobile phone or tablet. They spend   most of their time on their time on their mobile phones and most of them can use them for more than two hours continuously.

No one is ready to spend a day without a mobile phone. If this garget is forgotten at home, people risk going back for it and risk getting late for work.

Is text pain treatable?



Before even thinking of treating of text pain, get to know how you will prevent it in the first place. Here is a piece of advice that can help you prevent or even manage your text pain.

  • Always hold your mobile phone at the eyelevel to avoid bending your head down while operating the phone. The same case applies to laptops and tablets. You should hold them in a way that the screen is at the same level with your eyes.
  • Do not use your mobile phones, laptops and tablets fora long period time. Take breaks after twenty or thirty minutes. You can make use of your alarm or timer to alert yourself when the time elapses.
  • If you are working in an office, make sure the screen of your laptop is adjusted to the level of your shoulders .This will help you not to bend your neck down as you work on it.
  • Always stay fit as a fit, strong and flexible back can handle extra stress.
  • Always stand up straight and ensure that you maintain a good posture. Your shoulders should be pulled back so as to maintain a neutral position.

The bottom line of treatment of text pain is to avoid bending down for extended periods of time. As your work or use your phone, be mindful of your posture – do you bend down and strain your neck muscles when using your phone, driving or working in the office?

Ways to rehabilitate Your Neck Incase of Text Pain

After avoiding the text posture, you need to know how to rehabilitate yourself if it occurs.

  • Most people do not understand the reason behind having strong abdominal and lower back muscles. The muscles are responsible in supporting the upper part of your body including the neck. The muscles need regular daily exercises to strengthen them and daily regular activities are not enough.
  • You need to need to work on your neck muscles for them to become strong and flexible. This will help minimize the chances of getting muscle strains on the cervical spine. Strong neck muscles help support the weight of the head. The best way to do this, is to adopt specific neck exercises and don’t forget to take advice from your medical practitioner.

For severe cases, you need to visit a doctor for a comprehensive treatment. For example, you can have back massage or even manual adjustment.

Text pain mainly occurs because of lifestle. The only way to avoid this is to adopt a good neck posture to avoid muscle strains. When you do this, trust me, you will never experience this kind of pain in your life.

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