Do you mind About Your Spine Health? The Best Diet For Back Pain

Are you suffering from a back pain? Back pain is very common in the society. You can avoid or treat a backache by adopting a healthy diet. Do you know the different types of diet for back pain? In this article, we are going to look at some of them.

Diet plays a great role in the treatment and prevention of back pain. A lot of people are fighting to maintain a healthy body weight. Recent research recommends that you eat an anti-inflammation diet and take calcium supplements to relieve your back pain.

No one loves to be in pain, and a back pain is no exception, so we can all agree we should all maintain a good diet for back pain. Below are some diet tips to help you combat a backache.


Avoid Foods That Cause High Inflammation

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Inflammation is simply the body’s defense mechanism to protect you from infections and foreign substances. Foods high in saturated fats, simple sugar, and white flour trigger inflammation throughout our bodies. The inflammation runs rampant through your body, and the protective response becomes risky if left unchecked.

The best way to start the journey is cutting back on inflammatory foods such as red meat, fried foods, white rice, pasta, sugary drinks and junk food. High inflammation levels in your body are very dangerous, left unchecked can cause problems like arthritis (an inflammation of the joints) and lower back pains.


Intake of Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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As you are cutting on the inflammation causing foods, you will have to increase the intake of anti-inflammatory foods. Plant based diets and food rich in omega 3 are good if you want to avoid a backache and other chronic diseases.

Deep-colored fruits and vegetables are an essential part of an anti-inflammatory diet according to research. A good diet does not only help in the fight against back pain but also plays a part in providing the rest of the body with energy, vitamins, and minerals. Red wine lovers are in luck as it is rich in heart-healthy antioxidants; hence intake should be regular.


Proper Hydration


No one should be reminded to properly hydrate their bodies as fluids are key in the body processes, from fighting off illness to digesting food. Studies and research advice, you to take at least eight glasses of water each day. Scientific facts show that the spine consists of 90 percent of water, so fluids are an essential diet for back pain.
Water is life a common phrase we come along each day. We all know the simple way of determining if our bodies are hydrated? Clear or light urine means a hydrated body, dark yellow urine is a red alert that your body is low on fluids. Hydration also prevents constipation, lack of oxygen in the blood and failure to some organs.


Include Energy Giving Foods in your diet

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Just like a machine your body muscles need fuel in terms of food to maintain their vigor. We all love a good bite, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is essential to our bodies. It may be difficult to eat healthy due to the busy schedules of your life, but the kind of food you eat really matters.

Apparently, our back muscles need always to be provided with energy, minerals or vitamins to keep healthy and also get rid of back pain. Most people love working out or going to the gym to improve their bodies I included.

I a couple of months ago injured my back while trying a new abs routine and I couldn’t hit the gym for a couple of days. A professional advised me to take two leaves of garlic daily on an empty stomach, take a lot of vegetables and keep hydrated. A few weeks later I was back in the gym lifting weights as usual with no backache.

We get back pain at some point in our lives due to various reasons such as workout related injuries or just old age. Below is how to improve your posture and help reduce back pain. As much as you want to get rid of your back pain, you may also consider adopting the right posture. Below check out how you can achieve this.


How to Improve Your Posture and Help Reduce Back Pain


One reason causing lots of people back pain is repetitive activities such as sitting for long periods or carrying/ lifting heavy loads. There are many ways we can use to avoid this problem. Simple steps and strategies can get a long way, such as a good posture that stresses your back less.

A right or Bad Posture is achieved while standing, sitting or performing tasks like lifting, pulling, bending, or pushing. If your posture is good, that means the bones of your spine are well aligned. Here are some practices that ca improve posture and kick off your back pain or prevent one in the future.



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Most people walk around with their hand in their pockets, this affects the alignment of their bones and muscles. To maintain a healthy, posture your hands should be on the side avoiding backache problems. Some of the habits that lead to bad postures are,-Carrying a heavy object with one side of your body

  • Carrying a heavy object with one side of your body
  • Slouching with the shoulders hunched forward
  • Wearing high heels and tight clothes

Imagine an imaginary vertical straight line, and your body posture should be similar to that line and preferably your head held high as if being pulled by force towards the ceiling.


Good Sitting Positions

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If you work for long hours while sitting, use a chair that is ergonomically designed and supports your height. Try using a small pillow as a lumbar support. Align your back with the office chair, and this will help you avoid slouching or leaning forward. Keep both feet on the ground and if they don’t reach the floor use a footstep.


Good Sleeping Positions

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Use a firm mattress and pillow that gives you proper back support. Sleeping on your back helps keep your shoulders straight and is usually comfortable. When sleeping on your stomach, make sure to place a pillow under your lower abdomen.

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A good diet for back pain and maintaining a healthy posture is simple and can be done even by pregnant women. Use these strategies and do away with that backache.


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