Neck Pain Relief: Things you should not do for Your Neck

Neck pain is the worst type of pain ever. Not only does it make your head immobile but also there is no neck pain relief unless you wait for it to go away. Patients with neck pain are most of the time in shock and are not sure what to do. Most of them head to the local chiropractor to look for some relief, but the relief they get is not immediate. The worst part with neck pain is that it reoccurs. What can you do to prevent all this? Many bad habits could land you in this situation. Below are ways on how you could avoid them.

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Looking Down for long periods

Why lie, we are in the era of technology, and everyone owns different devices that connect to the world – laptops, iPhones, tablets or even a home computer screen. How does the new technology affecting our neck?

Have you ever heard of text pain? The pain is caused by looking down on your mobile phone or tablet for long times while your head is tilted downwards. This not only the scenario that causes neck pain, but people also tend to angle their heads while driving, working on their office desks, walking or even when exercising. There is no way you will get back or neck pain relief when you adopt these postures. When the posture is not corrected with time, it can lead to spine damage.Here are ways you can adopt to reduce downward posture.

  • Hold devices like mobile phones high at the level of your eyes.
  • Take regular breaks when doing activities that encourage head downward posture.
  •  Setting up a working station that discouraged head down posture.

Quit Smoking


If you are a smoker and you have back or neck that won’t go away, you should quit smoking. Apart from getting lung cancer, many reasons are not publicized to why we should not smoke. One of the reasons is chronic back and neck pain. The worst part of it is that you will never get back and neck pain relief unless you let go of this behavior. Smoking aggravates Degenerative disc disease neck – cervical spine.

Studies show that smoking increases the risk of getting cervical degenerated disease. Nicotine causes the blood vessels surrounding the spine to cut f the supply off nutrients meant for the discs. Nicotine is also known to slows down the rate at which disc cells grow.

Quitting smoking is hard, but for the sake of the health of your spine, you should try as much as you can to let go.

Sleeping on your Stomach


Good sleep brings about good rest that helps our bodies to rejuvenate. Sleeping on your stomach can bring more harm than good. This sleeping position puts pressure on your neck as you sleep for hours during the night. Always try to sleep on your side or your back. These are the best sleeping positions if you want to maintain a healthy spine.

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