Best Tips to Help you Improve Posture and Ergonomics

With time, bad posture can be caused by daily activities like sitting down for too long, long use of mobile phone and tablets, a poor sitting position at the office, poor lifting techniques, poor sleeping position or even carrying a heavy load on one shoulder. Little are times where people are concerned about ways to improve posture.

Poor posture is the main reason for repeated back and neck pain that sometimes ends up in damaging the spine. Luckily, the things that bring about bad posture are within a person’s ability to change.The most affected people are those who sit down for long hours. Here are some guidelines that will help you improve your posture and ergonomics.

Identify and Work on the Warning Signs of Poor Posture

Bad posture and ergonomics are the main cause of back pain. Back problems start off slowly, and you should be on the look for any symptoms. Visit your health provider immediately and start a treatment plan. Get to know the times when your back pain gets out of hand – is it at the end of the day after sitting down for long? Also, get to know where the pain the pain starts from – do I start from the neck running down your middle back and lower back.

Does the pain go away after changing your sitting position or get worse after changing your office sit or buying a new car? Knowing the behavior of your back pain is important so that you can approach the problem in the right direction.

Keep Your Body Properly Aligned While Standing and Sitting Down

When standing, make sure the body weight is well distributed so that it is supported by both feet. Make use of the office the office chair feature to help keep your posture in place. Align your back in a vertical position against the office chair. Your shoulders and hips should also be in that position too.

Prolonged sitting down can damage your back. It is advisable to sit at the edge of your office chair while still maintain a straight back. Alternate this position with leaning against the seat.

In case you have a problem with maintaining a balanced position while sitting down, make use of a balance ball. It will help you achieve a natural lumbar curve by naturally shifting your shoulders back. Avoid postures that make your posture unbalanced such as crossing your legs, slouching on a seat, hunching your shoulders forward posture and tilting your head down for long hours.

Get active

When you sit down for a long time, your muscles get tired, and you may get tempted to slouch on your seat or adopt other poor postures. These poor postures exert pressure on your spine which brings about back pain.
To stop this from occurring, make sure to take breaks during your working hours to stretch, and at least make your back muscles active.

Make use of products that Improve Posture and Relieve Back Pain

Using ergonomic chairs with adjustable backs are the best to use in the office. When used together with products for maintaining good posture makes it even better.

  • Footrests, lumbar pillows and even rolled a towel, or small cushion can be used to support your while sitting down in an office or even driving.
  • Use of bag packs that are designed in a way they reduce back strain and also encourage good posture. Also, avoid carrying heavy luggage on your back but instead use traveling bags with wheels.
  • Make sure your working station in the office suits your posture. Your computer screen should be in line with your eye position. This will prevent you from straining your neck and tilting your head in a forward position

Avoid Exaggerating Good Posture

As much as we are aiming for a good posture and to improve posture, exaggerating one may bring harm than good. A good posture should be relaxed. Avoid restricting muscle movements that can lead to unnatural, stiff posture. This is common mainly in individuals with back pain problems. They tend not to move their muscles a lot due to t the fear of experiencing more pain.

The spine is designed in a way that it should be in motion. Therefore, unless there is a fracture in the spine, your spine should always be in motion most of the times. Any movement restrictions of the spine lead to immobility and increased pain.

Always Remember Good Posture Whenever in Motion

Whenever you are going about your daily activities, it is vital to remember to adopt good posture habits all the time. Adopt proper lifting techniques, good sitting posture, and proper walking posture. This will not only help you improve your posture but also your health in general.

Strained back muscles mainly occur due to sudden twisting and poor lifting techniques. All this is preventable only if you adopt a good posture.

Create an Ergonomic Working Environment

Investing a little in your working environment won’t hurt. Focus on improving posture other than spending. This will save you dollars that you could have used in treating back pain. Correctly position your chair, screen, keyboard and desk in a way that does not hurt your back.

Avoid High Heels and use Protective Footwear When Standing

As much as wearing high heels is a fashion trend, get to understand what it does to your posture. They
Affect the body’s center of gravity which makes the body make the body adopt another posture automatically. There is no way you will improve posture if you make it a habit of wearing high heels.

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When standing for a long period, make use of rubber mats on the floor to improve your comfort.
The above tips are easy to adopt and practice. Over time, they will help you improve posture and also your health in general.

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