Top Best Natural Oils for Back Pain Natural Remedy

Many people think that back pain natural remedies do not work for back pains. Have you ever tried them before concluding this? Natural remedies are the best for curing any ailment since they have minimal side effects.Use of essential oils to relieve back pain has become a common practice. It is believed that this back pain natural remedy has both anti inflammatory and anti-spasmodic benefits. However, back pain comes in different forms and is caused by many different factors. Back pain is classified as chronic or acute depending on the cause of the pain.

Acute back pain is caused by muscle strain, poor lifting of objects or sudden back movement. It lasts for several days and goes away by itself. Pain killers are the best mode of relieving pain as the pain is sharp and strong.On the other hand, chronic back pain is pain that lasts more than three months. It is mainly caused by arthritis, osteoporosis, pinched or compressed nerves, bulging discs, bad postures or even spine infections and tumors. Also, activities like driving for long hours, standing for long, carrying heavy loads can also cause back problems.

Given that many factors cause back pain, there are also some home remedies to treat back pain. The back pain natural remedy treatment option is mainly used to relieve pain. Always consult a doctor if the back pain is accompanied by fever, numbness in the legs or arms, difficulties in urinating or bowel movement problems. These conditions show that the back problems are serious and require further medical advice. The use of natural back pain natural treatment option can be used for both chronic and acute back pains. Below is a list of natural oils that you can use to soothe your back pain.

Clary Sage Oil

clary sage oil for back pain relieve



Use of clary sage oil is the simplest back pain natural remedy to relieve pain, inflammations and muscle and ligament spasms. Clary sage oil works on the strained muscles by soothing them enabling them to gain full motion.
You can use the 4- 5 drops of clary sage oil together with almond or coconut oil. Use the mixture of these oils on the affected area and gently massage to allow absorption.

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Lavender Oil

lavender oil for back pain relieve
Lavender oil is the most popular oils in the world. It is used to relieve any muscle strains and spasm, reducing inflammations and also calming the mind. Many people use lavender oil in their rooms to create a relaxing environment throughout the day.

Use several drops of concentrated lavender oil on the injured area. Rub it gently for quick absorption.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is legendary known for relieving stress and anxiety. This is best used by patients whose back problems are mainly brought by stress. It is also famous for its anti- inflammatory.

You can use a few drops of chamomile oil in your chamomile tea or use the oil together with a carrier oil to gently rub the affected area.

Ginger Oil

Ginger oil is one of the oils that are famously known for soothing any inflammation, easing strained muscles and have an impact on any arthritic conditions. You will never have trouble getting the ginger oil since it is locally available.

Use the ginger oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil and apply the area with pain. Massage gently for quick absorption.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is best known for its cooling, soothing and its anti- inflammatory properties. When applied on the affected area, it brings about numbness effect that helps reduce the pain. It is best used for acute back pain brought by injury or strain. Even better, it is known to offer long term anti- inflammatory protection against inflammation.

Use diluted peppermint oil on the affected area on your back. Massage the area gently to dissolve the oil. Due to its sweet aroma, many people choose to diffuse it in the room.

Mustard Oil

mustard oil for back pain relieve

Mustard oil is best used for acute back pain caused by an injury to the back. It is believed to make the blood flow to the surface of the skin thus promoting the healing process. Using the oil on your injured back helps repair damaged tissues and ligaments that might be the cause of your acute pain.

Use the oil in its diluted form and use it to massage your entire back. You can use a carrier oil like jojoba oil to dilute it. You can also do it yourself by massaging the areas on your back that you can reach.

Pepper Oil

pepper oil for back pain relief


Pepper oil is mainly viewed as a spice by many people, and very few believe that it can be used as a back pain natural remedy. The truth is, it has an anti- inflammatory substance known as piperine that helps reduce inflammations.
As harsh as it seems, you do not need to dilute the pepper oil unless you have sensitive skin. Apply the oil directly to the injured and inflamed area of your back. Never use the oil on a broken skin as it will bring about irritation.

Most of the oils that can be used for back pain natural remedy are concentrated, and caution should be observed when applying them directly on the skin. It is always advisable to use carrier oils to dilute these oils to avoid irritation on the skin. Back pain cannot always be treated at home, if the pain increases, it is best to see a doctor for further diagnosis.

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