Ways to Indulge your Spine for a Healthy Spine


Let us admit it; little are times we take care of our spines or even bother to learn how to take care of it. Lack of spinal care leads can lead to back pain and even worse chronic back issues in the future. Kindly do yourself a favor and get some time to take care of your spine and also your general health.



Here are a few ways you can adopt to promote a healthy spine.

Make Exercise a routine and a Part of Your lifestyle

Exercise is vital for the health of your spine. It is also essential in the rehabilitation of an injured spine. You do not need a complicated exercising program or be an expert in exercising. Simple stretches, strengthening of back muscle exercises can work perfectly. These simple exercises work by distributing nutrients and oxygen to your spine and thus promoting the healing process. They also help in maintaining healthy discs, joints, muscles and healthy joints.

Engage in Meditation


Meditation helps a lot in relieving chronic pain or back discomfort. Get some time to do mindful meditation on a daily basis. Not all patients respond to treatment for chronic pain, but studies show that 90% of patients respond positively to meditation.

When doing your meditation, you need a quiet room and around 10 to 20 minutes of your time. There is no specified way to do your meditation. Just think of something good and relaxing like the beach. This will not only make you feel comfortable but also relaxing.

Check Your Sitting Posture

good sitting posture


You should always maintain your natural spine curve at all times. Therefore, be cautious of how you sit, stand or even sleep. You don’t want to damage the sensitive nerves of your spine.

People who spend all their day working in an office should have their chairs and office desks ergonomically aligned for the sake of their spine health. They should also take breaks after every 30 minutes to avoid staying in the same position.

Take Walks to Support Your Spine

Walking has many benefits to your health and spine that includes;

• Strengthening back muscles and the bone structure.
• Improving the flexibility of the spine.
• Nourishing spinal structures with nutrients and oxygen- help them work better.
• Promote your body to stay in an upright position.

Before starting your walking program, always make sure to consult with your doctor depending on your health issues. Most doctors recommend patients to walk as much as they can handle and tolerate. When beginning your walking exercises, start out with short walks and later on progress to long walks. If by any case you might be suffering from pain, you can do your walks in water to help minimize the pressure on the spine.

Use Heat Therapy to Soothe Pain

Use of heat on your aching back muscles can help relieve pain fast. The heat makes the blood vessels to expand increasing the rate at which nutrients and oxygen are transported to the spine. This promotes the healing process of your back pain. Heat therapy is the best treatment for pain brought by strained back muscles and painful joints around the spine and also muscle spasms.

Use heating pads, hot water bottles, warm gels and also heat wraps to manage your back pain. You can try any method of applying heat therapy and choose the one that works best for you. Most of the times, patients choose these methods as a matter of reference.

Use a Good Choice of Pillow for A Healthy Spine

It is vital to choose a pillow that supports the natural curve of your spine. Your pillow should not be too thick or stiff for supporting your neck. This will only do you more damage than good. Different people have different sleeping positions and need different pillows.

For instant, individuals who sleep on their side, they will need a thick pillow to ensure your head is positioned in the middle of the shoulders. Also, people with broader shoulders need a thicker pillow than those who have slimmer shoulders.

Adopt a Healthy Diet


Always follow a healthy diet for the sake of maintaining a healthy spine. Limit yourself on vegetables, fruits, whole grains and also legumes. Keep off from all kinds of processed foods and also unhealthy sugars. Additionally, it is important to take food rich in calcium and vitamins to prevent conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Also, do not forget to maintain a healthy weight to minimize the pressure exerted on the spine.

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Practice Aquatic Therapy

Exercising in water is the best form of exercise that promotes a quick recovery t your back pain. The buoyancy of water helps reduce the pressure exerted on your back as you exercise. It reduces pain as you exercise and prevents further back injury.

Most people prefer water therapy since it relieves pain, it’s fun and also soothes joint and muscles.
Consider a massage therapy

Studies show that massage therapy works best for most back pain problems. Back massage therapy has many benefits that include increased blood circulation that helps the recovery of sore back muscles, increasing spine’s flexibility, helps improve sleeping problems and also increases production of endorphin levels.

Quit Smoking Habits


Smoking is one of the reasons that lead to the development of degenerative disc disease that brings about back pain. It also messes up with the vascular structure of the spinal discs. If you are a smoker, it is necessary to quit smoking to maintain a healthy spine.

The above techniques may look like minor challenges, but trust me, following them on a daily basis can help so much in maintaining a healthy spine.


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