Yoga and Back Pain: How Yoga Helps Relieve Back Pain


Back pain is a pain in the backside of an individual that is triggered by an array of factors including old age and occupation among other factors. While sometimes the symptoms can be mild and manageable, other times it becomes severe and may hinder you from carrying out your activities in the best way possible. Individuals who have been diagnosed with back pain can be put on various medications. Also, in most instances, back pain can be relieved on an individual level by carrying out certain activities including yoga. So far so good, yoga is the best when you want to relieve back pain.

Yoga has been recognized as among the most efficient ways to alleviating back pain especially if the pain is a chronic. There is a whole list of ways in which yoga can be beneficial to an individual especially if your training session will encompass all or most of the yoga poses. Basically, it is the various yoga poses that are responsible for the relief. The commonest form of yoga that is practiced by most people is called hatha yoga. This form of yoga encompasses an array of poses referred to as asanas. It adopts some basic as well as complex breathing and body postures which work in unison to provide you with many mental and physical benefits including alleviating back pain.


The Physical benefits of yoga in Relieving Back Pain

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Yoga has a myriad of physical and mental benefits. Foremost, you will achieve strengthening of your bones when you perform certain yoga postures. This will ultimately take you a long way in ensuring you do away with back pains. The different poses target different muscles and muscles groups.

One important thing to note is that holding yoga positions is not meant to be uncomfortable. The poses you notice that you are not comfortable then that may be the genesis of some more problems. What is required is a concentration of various groups of muscles throughout your entire body. When you incorporate these muscle movements with other poses, you significantly improve the muscle strengths of your body muscles, which translate into general body health.

Even as yoga works on different muscles of the body, much of the concentration is put on the muscles of the back and the muscles in the abdominal region. Muscles in these regions of the body play a critical role as they are the ones that make up critical components of the muscular network of your spine. They are, thus, critical in helping the body to maintain an upright posture. The moment you condition these muscles properly by taking part in yoga, you go a long way in fighting back pain and other aches on your body.


Relaxation and stretching from Yoga



Yoga is essential for stretching and relaxation, which ultimately reduce tension in stress-carrying muscles. The activity requires that you hold on to a pose for about 20 to 60 seconds before switching to another one. During these poses, you will achieve flexing of certain muscles which, of course, promote flexibility and relaxation considerably. If you are hurting from pain in the lower back, nothing comes in handier than stretching and relaxation. For example, when you stretch the hamstring muscle, which is the muscle found at the back of the thigh, you will be expanding the motion in the pelvis which in turn decrease stress across the lower back.

Besides, when you stretch with yoga, you are increasing the flow of blood throughout your body. This is critical as it allows nutrients to reach various parts of the body while concurrently allowing toxins to flow out of the body.

One of the most important activities during yoga poses is breathing. When you are holding the various positions, the common thing among individuals is to hold the breath. What is actually required is that you have a deep and rhythmic breath through your nose and not the mouth. The quality of your breath will considerably determine the quality of the general yoga practice, which ultimately emphasizes a relaxed body, and encouraging proper circulation of blood.

Body alignment Through Yoga

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The primary aim of yoga is to train the body to achieve health and suppleness. When you practice regularly and consistently, you are considerably improving your posture as well as boosting your general body balance. This means that the head, shoulder and your pelvis will be in a proper alignment.

Yoga also helps in stretching of the various muscles uniformly unlike other forms of activities. When your body is straightened in the right manner, and you have excellent posture, you go a long way in alleviating the risk of back pains.

Body Awareness Through Yoga

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Taking up yoga on a regular basis enhances the general body awareness. In essence, when you carry out specific positioning and poses, you will be well aware of the limitations of your body which will help you to know the boundaries when you are in motion. This means that the awareness will act as the preventive measure thus preventing you from back pains and pains.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

Not only is yoga good for your physical health but also your mental health. It helps individuals manage stress. Stress mostly reveals itself through back pain, neck aches, lack of concentration, lack of appetite, increased appetite or even strong headaches. Studies show that yoga is the solution to all these problems and helps individuals to see positive things in life.

Yoga technique combines deep breathing and meditation which promotes and improves mental well-being. Continuous practice of yoga brings about relaxed mind, increased concentration, sound sleep at night and increased body awareness. Increased awareness is important since it helps an individual detect any physical problems and works on the problems fast.

When the mental benefits come together with the physical benefits of yoga, the result is a healing power that is second to no other. There is a widespread belief that the pain and suffering that result from back pain increases significantly due to perception. Even as negatively psychology does not necessarily alter the physiology of the back, it may certainly tend to magnify a problem which is already in existence. So, if the perception is reduced, often through meditation, the overall feeling of the pain in the back can be done away with.

In a nutshell, there exists an array of solutions for an aching back including medication, yoga, and general exercise. However, evidence points to the fact that yoga is the most effective of all the ways. Thus, it is important to take up yoga classes so as to handle your pain in the most effective manner.

 Can Yoga Help to Clear and Relieve Back Pain?

If you fall into the category of people who sit down for more than six hours, chances are, you might have or suffered back pain once in your lifetime. Back pain is a major complaint among sedentary workers. Studies have shown that yoga is the best for individuals who sit down for long. It does not only relaxing but also not intensive in nature. This means you can comfortably attend a yoga class before or after work. Yoga is known to have a healing power to almost all illnesses.

First-Hand Experience of the Healing power of Yoga

I have experienced the healing power of yoga in a real way. I had this back pain that seemed not to go away even after treatment. Also, I had numbness and tingling on my left hand too. I won’t lie; this was scary at first because I thought a serious illness like a tumor in the brain or even severe case of sclerosis. While still sinking in my fears, I thought the cause of this unending pain might be because of a nerve blockage somewhere in my back.

Despite this uncomfortable feeling I came to realize that my back pain was due too long sitting at the office. What could I have done to manage the condition? Should I have quit my job so to manage my spine heath? I was not ready to lose my job. Therefore, I made arrangements to visit a yoga specialist to see if my problem could be controlled. I tried out the suggestions and recommendations; this worked a miracle on my back.

Thanks to the technique I learned, my spine problems have reduced by more than 80%, my back is flexible, and my posture has also improved. For more than two years now, my symptoms have significantly improved.
Other than helping manage your back pain and posture, here are other benefits of yoga that might help you understand the healing effect realized.

Other Benefits of Yoga to Your Body

Many people think that yoga is just like any other work out. They are definitely wrong! Different kinds of workouts come and go – become outdated with time. When it comes to yoga, the techniques remain the same. Yoga has been existing for more than sixty years now, and not even a single routine has changed.

Doing yoga does not only burn the excess calories but also tone your muscles but also get to bring your body to relax. The art involved in yoga is long stretching, meditation and deep breathing.

There different forms of yoga that include;

  •  Hatha – This type of yoga involves a combination of series of movement and breathing.
  • Vinyasa – Involves a series of body movement and poses that gradually and smoothly flow into one another
  • Power – Involves intense, fast moves intended to build muscles
  • Ashtanga – This is a form of yoga that includes the use of special breathing techniques that are combined with a series of poses.
  • Lyengar – This yoga is performed in a heated room to raise room temperature. It involves a series of twenty-six poses. It is commonly known as ‘hot yoga.’
    What can Yoga do for you?

Yoga has been existence for many years, and studies prove that it is an excellent tool for staying healthy.

Yoga incorporates relaxation techniques that are believed to be a solution to chronic pain, back pain, headaches, arthritis pain. Studies also show that yoga also curbs high blood pressure and a solution to insomnia suffers. Other physical benefits are;

  • It Increases body flexibility.
  •  Tones the muscles and increases muscle strength
  •  Maintains and promotes balanced metabolism.
  •  Reduced weight
  •  Promotes cardiovascular health


What Else Should you Know About Yoga

Cost – The cost of yoga classes varies from place to place. You can also to practice yoga free from your house. Buy or download free yoga videos and purchase a yoga mat, then you good to go.

Is it good for beginners? – Yoga is beneficial to all people to people of all ages groups. Anyone can do the poses, stretching and deep breathing.

Outdoors – You can do yoga from anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, anywhere is a perfect place.

At home – You can practice yoga from your home. You only need a yoga mat then you are ready to go.

Any equipment required? – You do not need any equipment to practice yoga. Yoga only involves stretching, series of poses and deep breathing. The only thing that you need is a yoga mat to prevent you from sliding when stretching. You may also need a yoga ball to facilitate balance.

Yoga is also good for pregnant women. They should refrain from doing back poses after the first trimester and also possess that presses their belly. Most importantly, they should never visit the heated room at any cost. If you agree with me, we can relieve back pain with this famous technique known as yoga.

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